Members Area Entrance
Management Team

Meir Amit (1921 - 2009)
    Founder and the first chairman
    Established Spark's investment policy and
    the principal activities of the Limited Partnership

    Director of the Mossad.
    Director of military intelligence, IDF.
    Minister of communication.

Eitan Metuki, 57, CEO -
    Managing Spark’s Limited Partnership business activities.

    CFO of Mer Group.
    MA. In Economics & Work Studies – Tel Aviv University.
    25 years of management and operations experience
    with some of the leading technology groups in Israel.

Ehud Ram, 53, Founder. -
    Managing Spark's activities of the Limited Partnership.

    Colonel in IDF Intelligence Corps, Head of Central Computer Unit.
    M. Sc. In Geophysics – Tel Aviv University.
    Winner of Israel Security Prize and Intelligence Corps Prize     for Creativity.